The United Nations Conference
on Climate Change




Quite some time has passed since the conclusion of the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP 14, yet Poznań continues to receive thank you letters and letters of congratulation...

This unprecedented event brought 12,000 participants from 189 countries from all over the world to the grounds of the Poznań International Fair. For Conference purposes, an extraterritorial area of 42,000 square meters under the UN jurisdiction was built. During the Conference, the premises were protected by a few dozens of UN security officers. The entire conference venue was equipped with a fence, nearly one kilometre long and specially constructed for this occasion. Pavilions where sessions were held had been connected with heated skywalks, so that participants could walk around on conference premises without stepping outside. Discussions were held simultaneously in 34 conference halls, the largest with a capacity of 1,388. Special IT infrastructure had also been developed for the time of the Conference that allowed simultaneous operation of 2,500 PCs. As many as 150 kilometres of cables and optical fibres were laid and 350 different networking devices were installed. What is more, the COP 14 Conference required 8,500 chairs, almost 10,000 hangers in cloak-rooms, 1,300 seats at restaurants and 634 bins for separate waste collection.

The Conference organisation has been evaluated very positively, both by event participants and international and governmental institutions involved in this project. The successful organisation of such a large event with complex logistics was possible owing to a wonderful cooperation between the organiser (Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, UNFCCC), the host (Government of the Republic of Poland) and the owner of the conference venue (Poznań International Fair). It was PIF, on the grounds of which the Poznań International Fair Congress Centre is located, that provided both infrastructure and service of appropriate, international format. The PIFCC is the largest conference facility in Poland. The modern infrastructure and experienced staff allow to organise the largest and the most high-profile international events here, which has been confirmed during the COP 14 Conference.

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